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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 2, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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. hello and good afternoon. i'm andrea roane. concern continues to grow over just how many people came into contact with a man now hospitalized in dallas, texas, with ebol la. we know the name -- ebola. we know the name of that patient. he's 42-year-old liberian national thomas eric duncan. the center for the disease
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control and united airlines confirm his flight path from liberia to dallas forth worth including a three-hour layover in dulles. there are questions about that window of time, when exactly he became contagious and why his travel history didn't raise a red flag to nurses and doctors. local travelers are also concerned that a person carrying such a deadly virus made his way through one of our area's busiest airports. but dr. anthony fauci of the national institutes of health helps put the ebola risk into perspective. >> there's virtually no chance anybody is going to get infected because you don't get infected from an ebola patient unless that patient has some sort of symptoms. and the person was perfectly well on the flight. however, after the patient landed on the 24th of september, the patient started to develop symptoms, went to an emergency room, and was seen there but they missed the fact that the person had been in liberia and was a liberian and
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they told the patient to go back home and take some antibiotic. >> other local experts agree with dr. fauci saying there is no need to panic because ebola is rare and relatively difficult to transmit. ebola actually kills far fewer people than measles and the flu. as a precaution, a total of 80 people who had direct or indirect contact with the patient in dallas are now being monitored. a court appearance on unrelated reckless driving charges was abruptly canceled this morning for jesse matthew. matthew is the suspect in the hannah graham abduction. however, now we're learning more about his past. he was not only investigated at his first college for an alleged sexual assault, it happened at his second college christopher newport university. that university confirms that campus police investigated matthew in connection with an alleged sexual assault in september 2003 just months after enrolling. one month later he dropped out
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of the university all together and was never charged in that case. matthew now faces abduction charges with intent to defile in the case of hannah graham. the search for hannah is going high-tech. crews have enlisted the help of a drone to scour thick, brushy areas that searchers just can't reach. charlottesville police say they've received over 3,000 tips and looked through 170 square miles adding the virginia tech drone could only help in their efforts. they also brought in law enforcement from four different counties plus virginia state police to search the wooded terrain. >> we are we have certain areas within our search patterns which is very difficult for helicopters to get into and very difficult for ground crews to get into, even with atvs. >> this will give us a perspective that you can't get from the ground, allow us to cover more area and hopefully bring this to a conclusion sooner. >> this is the first time in the commonwealth history that
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police launched a drone to find someone. it has a high definition camera and heat-sensing technology, but police admit this technology won't overshadow basic search tactics. commonwealth's attorneys painted a game picture of michael gardner in a status hearing this morning. he's the falls church man indicted on battery sexual charges. an arlington county judge denied bond on the recent charges and revoked bond on previous charges. he was accused of molesting three young girls in 2011 but he was arrested yesterday after a relative came forward. she accuses gardner of sexual battery when she was only 12 years old. the virginia supreme court overturned gardner's original conviction because of a procedural mistake. the wild card goes to the san francisco giants if you missed it. the giants won a day in the district with the nationals in a big way over the pirates 8-0. first pitch in game one of the
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nlds is set for 1:07 tomorrow afternoon. today the orioles host the first alds game. first pitch there is scheduled for 5:30 against the detroit tigers. the os went 1-5 against the tigers in the regular season but that last meeting was way back in may. things we hope have changed. the fans aren't the only ones with natitude. the d.c. government is showing pride, too. the wilson building was glowing red last night and will every night as long as the nats remain in the playoffs. d.c. mayor gray says he's excited to cheer on the nats all the way to the first world series win since 1924. wusa9 nats reporter holden kushner is hosting a live nat chat from 7:00 to 8:00 tonight on previewing the washington nationals nlds series against the giants. and get involved by tweeting questions using hash tag natson9. we invite you to show your
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natitude by uploading your photos or tweet us. you might see them on the air. a seat inside nats park is the hottest ticket in town this weekend. almost impossible to get. but if you play your cards right, you can get two free tickets to game two. the catch? you just have to hunt for them. the club has hidden close to a hundred jason werth gnomes all over the d.c. area. here's what they look like. six of them are autographed. those are the winning gnomes that equal free tickets so good luck. quite a few clouds this morning. a little bit of patchy fog. still dealing with some of these clouds now but not a bad day by any stretch. pretty comfortable around here. when you get into southern maryland, the northern neck, see how things are closerring out? the sun is out. pretty -- clearing out. the sun is out. the clouds are slowly breaking
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up in d.c. futurecast trying to spit out an isolated shower here or there. i think this may be overdone but just want to point out low to mid-70s for highs this afternoon. then this evening got any plans? should be fine. by 6:00, 70 gaithersburg. 71 annapolis. overnight that's whether things settle down. we'll be clear to partly cloudy to start. tomorrow morning will start with more low clouds and fog. a front is coming tomorrow night. it's going to bring us some rain. i'll talk about when that is going to happen and what the nationals should expect for their first game in the afternoon. see you in a few minutes. >> thank you. ahead on wusa9 news at noon, the national debate on marriage equality reignites as the high court weighs in on same-sex marriage. plus, an alleged leak among ferguson grand jurors. why prosecutors have launched an investigation all stemming an investigation all stemming from a
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enron, the largest coporate fraud in american history... and ed gillespie was their lobbyist. enron paid gillespie and his firm seven hundred thousand... dollars to block regulation of the energy markets... so they could raise utility rates. then got even worse. "thousands lost their jobs and life savings." "the former leaders of enron head to prison." enron's ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist who put enron ahead of you.
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a simple tweet regarding
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the ferguson grand jury sparked a possible misconduct investigation. prosecutors say they're now investigating a twitter post claiming the grand jury hearing evidence in the police shooting of michael brown lacked enough evidence to prosecute the officer who fired the deadly shot. the tweet and twitter account have since been deleted. hong kong pro-democracy protests may escalate today as a protester ultimatum deadline approaches. student activists say they will occupy government offices if the territory's embattled leader does not step down by this evening. hong kong police warn there will be serious consequences if protesters decide to charge government buildings. this is day seven of the protest. the high court delays its next move on same-sex marriage but in the next week, the supreme court could take up one or more cases challenging bans on same-sex marriage. the justices must decide whether to hear any of the cases or that the latest ruling stand legalizing gay marriage
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in 11 states. the outcome would have a significant impact on marriage equality across the nation. the three candidates vying to be the district's next mayor face off tonight in the race's second debate. democrat muriel bowser will debate ends david came cantania and carol schwartz. it will take place at the npr studios on north capitol street in northeast. doors open at 6:30. the debate runs from 7:00 till 9:00 p.m. the secret service has a new temporary leader today after director julia pierson resigned wednesday amid a flurry of security breaches many believe were not just embarrassing for the agency but put the president and his first family in danger. susan mcginnis has the latest. >> reporter: joseph clancy is back. once a member of the president's closest security detail, he'll now temporarily lead the agency. after just 18 months on the job, director julia pierson resigned under heavy pressure yesterday. she told bloomberg news, it's
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painful to leave as the agency is reeling from a significant security breach. on september 19, a man jumped the white house fence and made it into the east room of the president's home. support for pierson quickly faded this week with the revelation that an armed contractor with prior arrests rode an elevator with the president during a visit to the cdc in atlanta last month. some members of congress are calling for an independent investigation into the agency's activities. the director of homeland security says that will happen. the president is standing by the agents assigned to protect him. >> the president has nothing but the highest regard for the men and women of the secret service. >> reporter: the white house says the next permanent director of the secret service could come from outside the agency. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> when asked if the president believes more people need to go, spokesman josh ernest said the independent panel should determine the next step. consumers can't afford to make a mistake when it comes to car buying.
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coming up on wusa9 news at noon, our call action for action team rescreams a new youth car buying guide. still very comfortable out here. it's nice now but you're going to need the jacket over the weekend. we go to break with a look at the the allergy index. it's coming in and not the greatest. the mold spores once again are high and the weed pollen is moderate. back with the seven-day forecast and looking ahead to the weekend. the nationals game tomorrow when wu dropping off, working hard.
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and if there's a problem, they don't blame others. they try to solve it. that's also the story of this virginian. after working his way through college, mark warner started two businesses, failed at each. he didn't blame anyone else, he tried again. and that company became nextel. as our governor, he brought democrats and republics together, to turn a six billion dollar defecit into a surplus. and when we sent him here, this senator chose not to shout, but rather to work with republicans, to bring maufacturing and tech jobs back to virginia. to improve veteran's healthcare, and find a bipartisan solution to cut the national debt, even if it means taking on his own party. whether you're starting a business, leading a state, or making everyone has the same fair shot i had, i know you get a lot more done, when you work together. i'm mark warner, and i approve this message.
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did you know used vehicle purchases account for 72% of automotive sales and the average price of the car is just under $is $10,000.
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-- $15,000, so consumers cannot afford to make a mistake. shirley rooker is here with a handy car guide that we can use if we're about to buy a used car. this can be a daunting process because there are so many to choose from. >> and there are so many mistakes you can make, mike. that's what we're trying to do. we got a grant from auto check which produces vehicle history and we want to make sure consumers understand the things they need to do. there's a lot more than driving a car and falling in love with vague. you really need to take it out, look at t. don't buy it when it's raining because the rain obscures all kinds of dents and dings. >> and odors, too. >> and paint issues. that's one of the things we recommend. when you first go to the dealer, open the door and give it a sniff test. does it have mildew or smoke? it could abflood car. i don't -- be a blood car. it gives you everything that's
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been reported. it's possible the vehicle could be in an accident and not be reported, but generally all the information is in the history report. so go to our handy guide at and find out everything you need to know about buying a used car before you start out. >> excellent advice. >> before. you heard that. >> before, before, before. call for action page is where you can find out more information. we'll link you to that guide. if you'd like to volunteer, that's where you can do it, too. >> thank you, mike. here he is. this month we're teaming up with the homeless children's play time project in hopes of building a playground at d.c. generally. the campaign is called let them play. we're hoping to raise awareness and money to provide safe place spaces for homeless children. if you'd like to help, text the word "play time" to 25543. you can also mail checks to the homeless children's play time project. that's the address seen on your screen. and you can also find all of
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this at wusa9 wants to help you find the lowest gas prices in our area. today we're checking pumps in alexandria. gas is coming down now. you can find cheap gas. this is the cheapest we found, the regular at xtrafuels station. a gallon there will cost you $3.21 according to aaa's fuel finder. we want the kids to play and how about let's play ball. take a look at this guy. we've been talking about the romeing gnome. it's made its way to wusa9. there it is, jason werth in all his beardest. our wusa9 intern found him this morning coming up at 5:00 p.m., find out where she found him and whether she is going to get two tickets to the game. >> it's been a lot of fun what the nats have done with this. they're all over town. people have been tweeting pictures when they find one. >> the emphasize is -- an emphasis on team. a lot of stars but they play
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like a team and that's the difference. >> october could be a lengthy trip. >> don't extinguish the fire. no showers, right? >> this afternoon will be okay. >> the orioles game? >> they're playing in the 5:00 hour. they should have sunshine, a few clouds, temperatures i think up in the low 70s for them with detroit this afternoon. we're going to see a high around 73, 77. just depends on how many breaks we can get. the clouds have been stub born. they're rather thick in the then dough ya valley. -- the shenandoah valley. temperatures in the 60s from martinsburg to winchester. 74 is the warm spot on the board. mostly cloudy skies in washington. a little sun starting to poke through so that cloud deck is starting to break up. 71 degrees. winds aren't helping. the winds are calm so the air is kind of still. if it was windier and the sun angle was hour, it would be easy to heat up the atmosphere, eat up some of the clouds in
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the lower part of the atmosphere. would we're looking for for tomorrow night is a cold front that will come through and bring us a much cooler air mass for the weekend. today the showers and storms. the front is back here. look at the showers and storms st. louis, des moines, even up to indianapolis. storms from dallas today. that could interrupt air travel. we're in pretty good shape. even though the clouds are hanging tough in many areas, there's nothing big about them. it's not like they're producing storms and heavy rains other than a sprinkle this afternoon. they're not going to do anything. tonight clear to partly cloudy but that will allow cooling to happen. once again we're going to form some low clouds and patchy fog toward friday morning. friday doesn't look like a bad day. we'll start out again with the low clouds and patchy fog. perhaps a little drizzle to the southwest. might get toward areas culpeper out toward charlottesville. as we get into the afternoon, the showers, even by lunch time with the front, cleveland down to charleston well west of us. so we have a 3:00 start
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tomorrow. we'll be in the mild air. here we are at 5:30. showers don't look anywhere close till maybe 9:00 p.m. so high school football will be good tomorrow night. on saturday, friday night into saturday morning, here comes the front 6:00. we may see some showers linger till 9:00, 10:00 over toward college park. then tailgating a noon. kickoff for the terps. by lunch time the sun should be out. fingers crossed this timetable holds up. then it will be an okay afternoon. just breezy and cooler. temperatures on saturday will struggle to get out of the 60s. today well in the 70s. i think national is going to make 77 or at least 75. very comfortable. 62 tonight with a few 50s north and west again with the light winds and patchy fog late. mid-70s tomorrow. a few more clouds, a stray shower but the better chance of rain will be overnight into saturday morning. look for a cool weekend. in fact, saturday night and sunday night we'll have widespread 40s, even a few 30s and pleasant monday. the redskins-seattle game, weather should be good for
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that. 73. we'll be back with wine for a good cause in cases of rape and incest, just like the right-wing republicans in congress. they want to overturn roe v. wade. so does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. that's all i need to know.
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i'm john foust and i approve this messge.
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savor some fine wine and help fight parkinson's disease at the same time. rick is president of jackson family wines and he's here to share a very personal story and thank you for coming back and talking with us here at wusa 89. we've been -- wusa9. we've been happy to have you on before. this is a personal story, parkinson's disease. tell us about your inspiration. why are you so committed? >> i have a great story. i have a great family and i have a great wife. it starts back in 2006. in 2006 my wendy, was diagnosed with parkinson's disease. like many people diagnosed with that, it's every potional and
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-- very emotional and a family moment. for the first few years we didn't talk about it with anyone. we went to a book reading with michael j. fox and my hour had -- my wife had about an hour with michael j. fox. he told my wife, don't let parkinson's define who you are. live your life the fullest as you can. actually in 2012 i was on this show called "undercover boss" where my wife and i had a cameo and the amount of outpouring that came from that show really- - >> passion came out about what you were about as a family and this cause. >> right, right. so at that time we made a decision to join the team fox program because the founder of google, his challenge was if we could raise $50 million through team fox, we would match that with a $50 million contribution. my goal with the fox brand is how do i give back to the community, add to the fun raising for parkinson's research because i do know i may not be able to help my
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wife's parkinson's in the short term but how do i prevent parkinson's in the future. how do we find a cure that could help my kids and great grandkids who aren't here yet today. >> i like what you say. cheers to a cure. we're going to find the cure. where are we in that goal of the hundred million dollars. >> very complicated. every year the foundation, they give back the majority of all the funding for parkinson's research all across the country in all kinds of new ways. but they are finding new medications to improve the symptoms of parkinson's but they still don't know the cause of parkinson's today. my vision and my passion is how do i add to that community by creating fund raising opportunities, whether doing a golf towrngment or chef -- tournament or chef programs. >> you can find out more about how you can help give back and say cheers to a cure and find that cure by going to your facebook page as well. we'll have information on our page, too. that's it for wusa9 news.
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we'll be back at 5:00. have a great day. and we'll find out if the gnome finder goes to the game. best to you. >> thank you
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>> jack: what are you looking for? >> kelly: oh. [ chuckles ] i could have sworn i left nick and sharon's wedding invitation in here somewhere. >> jack: no sign of it, huh? >> kelly: no. oh, well. it's not like i don't have all the details. >> jack: i'm sure you have planned a lovely event. >> kelly: which reminds me, i have good news. even though i have to work the reception tomorrow, i got someone to cover for me earlier, so you and i can go to the ceremony together. >> jack: actually, i may not be going to the wedding after all. >> phyllis: there is nothing better than having a man you


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